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Monday, October 3, 2011

Fighting the cold with Save Grand Canyon and Machismo

Bitter cold weather and outdoor shows seem to go hand in hand here in Athens. I can't deny, though, that some of my favorite shows in the scene have taken place in temperatures so extreme I wasn't sure if I'd leave with my fingers intact. Last Friday was another night like these. It was quite a stacked lineup with old favorites Sam Sniper and Yo Soybean mixing it up with several newer discoveries as well.

Stepping out towards the stage, I was greeted by the sound of five-piece local band Save Grand Canyon. At first, I honestly didn't know what to make of them, but although I couldn't exactly classify their unique style, their tunes instantly put a smile on my face. Dark, alt and progressive rock loosely shaped their harmony-led songs with a hint of funk edging its way in every once in a while. Just a few tunes after I had arrived, they gave us their final song of the night, an almost gothic number with a spicy, international feel that I couldn't help but love. The band is undeniably hard to describe, but I definitely hope I can catch them live again sometime soon!

After several more acts, it was Machismo's chance to rock their style for the crowd at Little Kings. Not to be outdone in the unique department, the band gave us a very upbeat, punky, and fun set of tunes made for dancing, highlighted by ridiculous vocals that almost sounded like the lead singer had ingested a generous dose of helium before the show. After only a few moments, I found that I just couldn't keep my feet from moving to the beat, so I joined the growing mass of fans that were leaping about, grooving, and fistpumping to their songs, the cold weather forgotten in their excitement. Truly, throughout the set, I felt like I was watching some sort of amusingly twisted cartoon. It was quite the surreal experience!

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