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Saturday, April 25, 2009

For a fun time, call Doctor Squid...

Doctor Squid at Legion Field

I've seen Doctor Squid three times over the past year, and I keep coming back for more. Their upbeat music always fills me with joy, and their songs are ridiculously infectious. Every good band has their signature move, and Doctor Squid is no exception. They begin most of their shows with a clever little "testing the mic" song which always makes me smile. It's truly an awesome way to kick off the rock.

They chose to start yesterday's Local Bands Live show with one of their more established tunes, Stop the Show, but they had quite a short set so I couldn't blame them for filling it with as much squidrock as possible. In fact, they were in top form at this show... I've never heard them sound so amazing! It's clear that they've been honing their talent, and the new songs they debuted were absolutely delightful. Regrettably, I was unable to stay for the entire show, but even as I walked by the building formerly known as the SLC on the way to meet a friend, I heard their songs echoing throughout campus. I couldn't help singing along as I walked which earned me a few weird looks. Trust me, seeing one of their shows is such a joyful experience that you just can't stop the excitement! The group of dedicated fans they have that know all of the words to their songs can attest to this. As one of my five current Athens favorites, Doctor Squid is certainly the band to see if fun is what you desire.

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