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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kristen's Concert Picks for the Next Month... You won't want to miss them!

Diana & I with Doctor Squid at Habifest on April 1st

Athens is always a musically happening place, but this April, the city will treat us to a most exquisite menu of musical acts and shows. I thought I'd share a schedule of bands and dance opportunities sure to delight your (and, naturally, my) very being. :)

Be warned, though, that if stalking me is your passion, you will not find me at all of these shows. Much as I'd like to attend everything, evils like homework and prior obligations may prevent me from experiencing all of the events described below. However, I will try to attend as many as possible so that I can bask in the musical joy that they will most certainly provide.

Anyway, as promised, here they are:


Wed, April 1: Doctor Squid @ 8 pm @ Tate Plaza: PAST
-If you like happy, upbeat music, Doctor Squid never fails to deliver. Relatively new to Athens, they're bringing their jolly sound to Habitat for Humanity's Habifest.

Sat, April 4: DJRX @ 11 pm @ Sideways: PAST
-DJRX manages to bring a new style of mixing to the DJ scene. You know you don't want to miss the opportunity to dance to the Free Credit Report Dot Com song!

Thurs, April 9: Soulja Boy @ 8 pm @ Legion Field
-Seriously, if you don't know who Soulja Boy is, you must be living under a rock. Come see him perform this decade's version of the Macarena. Yeah, I bet that ruined it for you, didn't it? :P

Fri, April 17: Modern Skirts @ 9:30 pm @ 40 Watt
-For those of you not going to Six Flags with your UGA pals, don't fret! The band that's the talk of the town, better known as the Modern Skirts, will be playing a lovely show at the 40 Watt that night just for you. I have yet to be lucky enough to see them live, but I've heard wonderful things!

Sat, April 18: Stellate @ 3 pm @ Athens Creative Theatre
-Stellate, formerly known as Helios, finally returns to Athens! Assuming the Athens Creative Theatre is a real place, this should be a show to remember.

........................DJRX @ 11 pm @ Sideways
-DJRX brings us a lovely mix of pop, rock, and everything in between once again.

Mon, April 20: Pholksinger Josh @ 11 am @ Tate Plaza
-If you like folk music or exciting dreadlocks, Pholksinger Josh is the one to see! I've never seen him perform live, but this seems like the perfect opportunity.

..................Crumbling Arches @ 11:30 pm-1:15 am @ Upstairs in Tasty World
-It's CRUMBLING ARCHES! Unique and dark theatrical rock at its best, Crumbling Arches holds the coveted title of "My Absolute Favorite Athens Band."

-> UGA NORML is putting on a show in celebration of the subject-matter-appropriate holiday 4/20 which includes both of the acts described above as well as several others.

Fri, April 24: Chris McKay & the Critical Darlings @ 10 pm – 2 am. @ Go Bar
-You've never seen a high energy rock show until you've seen Chris McKay & the Critical Darlings in action! Trust me, you won't want to miss them. They are a sight to see and a delectable treat to hear!

Sat, April 25: Local Bands Live @ 11 am – 6 pm @ Legion Field
-Union is being slightly mysterious and keeping the names of the performers secret. Using my superhero powers, I've found a possibly correct list of bands, but as I've never heard of most on the list, I'm keeping my mouth shut. If nothing else, this should be an opportunity to discover some new musical treasures.
**Note: This just in. Doctor Squid will be delighting the audience with some Squidtastic tunes at this show at around 12:45 pm! Lovely.

Tues, April 28: Venice is Sinking @ 9 pm @ Cine
-I can't help but use the phrase "sweet melodies" every time I mention Venice is Sinking. It will truly be a precious gift to your ears if you go and see them at the Human Rights Film Festival at Cine!

So there's the list... Mark your calendars!

Also, if you happen to know that I've gotten something terribly wrong, if you've heard a whisper of a cancellation, or if you know of another event that is tragically missing from this list, please comment and let me know!

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