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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Misheard in Athens

Hello, my friends! I've been rather busy lately, finishing up all of my class projects and preparing for finals and such. Tragic. Sadly, I'm also a bit behind in my show write-ups. Be on the lookout for my review of two of Pholksinger Josh's shows sometime soon after Sunday night. However, I have had a few humorous experiences during the past couple of days while pumping some of my favorite Athens acts, and I thought I'd share some of them with you. Apparently, good hearing is quite scarce on the UGA campus.

The first of the lovely mix-ups occurred while I was discussing the wonderfully exciting Crumbling Arches show coming up on May 8th. I told my friend that they were opening for the Presidents of the United States of America, but understandably, she thought I had said that they were playing for the President. The mental image of Obama mouthing the lyrics to the Preachings of Priamides while Sasha and Malia dance beside him certainly put a smile on my face.

Just a few moments later, as I shared the news of Aman Amun's May 1st show with another friend, a second mix-up occured. I was enumerating the event details listed on his website for her (free food, free music, free art) when I came to the last item: free booze. Of course, with her head firmly in the gutter, she heard "free boobs." Apparently, Mardi Gras is happening twice this year, the second in UGA's very own art building! I'll let you handle the visual image on that one.

My favorite moment occured not long after that. Filled with excitement after the Pholksinger Josh show I had just seen, I mentioned to a friend that several of his songs had been used in an indie film. In shock, she replied that she had no idea he had been involved with the Indian film industry. Oh, Bollywood will never be the same for me after this! The mental image of Josh's dreadlocked personage dancing Indian-style in colorful, traditional garb was nearly too much for me to take. After a long bout of hysterical laughter, I decided to give Athens music a rest for the day.

Now, however, I'm back full force. This weekend is going to be a wild treasure trove of Athens bands! Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings will kick off the weekend with their sure-to-be amazing Friday show at 10 pm at Go Bar. On Saturday, the party starts early with a seven-band Local Bands Live show at Legion Field beginning at 11 am. Don't miss Doctor Squid's set at 12:45 pm! Then we'll have the delightful opportunity to hear Pholksinger Josh again as well as six more local bands rock out on the Myers Quad for HPSC's Night on the Quad on Sunday starting at 5 pm. Athens has certainly outdone herself this time! Enjoy.

1 comment:

  1. "Free boobs" can be interpreted like "Free Willy." FREE THE BOOBS!
    Or the phrase could be a sale- Buy one boob, get another boob free!
    Imagine Obama's kids at a Crumbling Arches concert- "Daddy, what are 'testicles of my identity'"?"