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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Hint of Things to Come

The mysteriously shiny wall at Go Bar

Hello, dear readers! I'm currently working on something that will better enable me to share the shows I see with you! I came up with the idea several months ago when I first began to blog about my experiences in the Athens music scene, and soon my vision will become a reality. My good friend AMJ had a similar brainwave too, so between us, we'll most likely manage to create a comprehensive gold mine of tiny morsels from each of the acts in the Athens area. And don't worry, you Atlanta fans and Atlanta bands! I plan to spread the visual love beyond my cozy little college town as well. To give you a hint of what's to come and to share a few cool little ear-pleasing pieces I've found around the internet, here are some tidbits you might enjoy.

Remember the absolutely breathtaking Aman Amun show that I experienced at the beginning of May? Well, if you missed it, don't fret! All is not lost. On his website, he posted a lovely video of the live performance of his song Scapegoating. As you may recall, I described the show as a "work of pure brilliance, " and now you'll be able to get a glimpse of why I said this. Click here to amaze your senses! Keep in mind, though, that no video can truly capture the all-encompassing world that you enter when you go to an Aman Amun show. This is just a taste; nothing can match the atmosphere of the live show!

I would also like to share a YouTube channel with you that made me smile. My favorite "friendly, neighborhood folk singer," Pholksinger Josh, recently recorded videos of himself performing several of his songs with bonus commentary as well. Want to know why he wrote the Pathetic Love Song That [He] Said [He] Wouldn't Write? He'll tell you! How does he feel about the controversial song Battlefield? He'll let you know! I urge you to check out his channel.

Hope those treat your eyes and tickle your eardrums! Come visit my little blog again soon for the unveiling of my latest blog project!

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