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Monday, June 1, 2009

Stellate: What I've Always Waited For

Sheila and I with the members of Stellate

The best part about living in Georgia is that there are two epicenters of rock: Athens and Atlanta. Since, most tragically, I had to leave Athens for the summer, I'm monumentally lucky to call Atlanta my temporary home. This luck manifested itself in great quantities this past Saturday when I got to see my favorite Atlanta band Stellate perform at Hot Topic in North Point Mall. I've been dying to see this band live ever since guitar player/singer Adam mentioned it at a chance meeting two years ago, so this was practically a dream come true!

As my friend Sheila and I walked into Hot Topic, we were greeted by a smiling Carly Kane, lead singer for the band, who was handing out flyers for the show. After informing her that we had made the trip just to see Stellate, we stepped through the racks of striped knee socks, ruffly skull skirts, and shiny corsets to the makeshift stage area near the front of the store. A few minutes later, they began the set I'd been waiting to hear since I started my hands-on musical education. Stellate filled our ears with the energetic pop rock that their fans love, performing all of the songs from their latest EP, I Get A Rush, as well as several of my other favorites from the days back when the band was known as Helios. No one in the store could keep themselves from dancing, and several people joyfully sang along to the lyrics as well. It was a performance like no other, indeed!

And you know how I feel about the ever-important band/fan connection... not only was it there this time, with Stellate, it was thriving! One little girl around 7 years old enthusiastically asked for an autograph from Carly in the middle of the set, and she cheerfully complied. Later on, the same little girl picked up a guitar pick that Adam had dropped only to have him give it her as a keepsake from the show. Carly, Adam, and guitar player Jon even managed to share the show with the large group of passerby that gathered outside to see them play by rocking out in the Hot Topic store window. Their infectious enthusiasm filled the room with such euphoria that, when they finished their set, they were called to encore two of the songs from their EP. Then, afterwards, each of the members signed CDs and took pictures with several eager fans.

As the culmination of two years of waiting, the Stellate experience was truly spectacular! I hope I'll get to see them again incredibly soon!

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