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Thursday, June 25, 2009

It's Athfest Time!

Just a small part of the crowd at Atlanta's Summerfest 2009

Tonight, Athfest 2009 kicks off with the Flagpole Athens Music Awards at 8 pm in the Morton Theatre! As anyone who reads this blog can guess, I'm more than just a little bit excited about Athfest. In fact, I'd say I'm beyond tremendously ecstatic that I'm going to be able to attend. This will be my first Athfest experience, so get ready to be bombarded with enthusiastic entries about all of the bands that I encounter. Like any severely dedicated blogger (or slightly crazy Athens music enthusiast), I leapt straight into the 170+ list of bands provided on the Athfest website, listening to all of the ones I hadn't heard before on their myspaces. From that list, I was able to create a much shorter list of bands that I hope to catch live. While it's quite unfortunate that some of my new potential favorites will be playing at conflicting times, I've picked a few for my can't-miss list, including already quite well-known bands Dead Confederate and Love Tractor. Also, old favorites Venice is Sinking and Doctor Squid will be sharing some tunes with us at the festival as well. This should certainly be a weekend to remember!

Don't forget to pick up your wristbands and choose your list of must-see bands. I'll see you there!

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