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Monday, June 8, 2009

Summerfest 2009: Ponderosa starts things off

To my delight, Atlanta brought me a taste of Athens at Summerfest in the middle of downtown on Sunday. I arrived just in time to catch the band Ponderosa start their set. Although they're from Athens, I had no idea what to expect from the long-haired band till they began to play. My ears were pleasantly rewarded. Their danceable tunes kept me on my feet, and several others in the audience bounced along to the songs as well. Really though, I envy the children in attendance who began leaping and dancing exuberantly, no questions asked. Ah, to be so free!

The band had a southern rock quality that everyone there couldn't help but enjoy. Having been on tour for a while, they challenged us to sing a few lines of one of their songs as loudly as those in the towns they've previously played sang them. Unfortunately, this challenge didn't go as planned largely because it was a bit too early in the afternoon for that kind of thing. However, I admire their attempt, and I truly liked the songs they shared with us. It was a wonderful way to begin to my Summerfest experience, but the event was far from over. Check back soon to read about the two Atlanta bands that played for us later that day: The Constellations and Manchester Orchestra!

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