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Friday, July 2, 2010

Athfest 2010: Of giant sea creatures, flying people, and Reptar!

Friday, June 25th, 2010

Suddenly, a thrill of excitement ran through the crowd. Who would treat us to their tunes next? Why, none other than REPTAR! Winners of Best Live Band and Upstart of the Year, the band quickly gathered an eager audience of hundreds of fans waiting to see what the group known for their crazy antics would do this time.

Seconds later, a beach ball flew through the air, followed by another... and another! But that's not all. After that, the inflatables got bigger. Much bigger. A massive shark sailed across the crowd moments later with a giant seal and a humongous sea turtle on its tail. And so began the most insane, the most wildly fun, and frankly the most dangerous Reptar show I've ever attended... Not a minute went by that the air was clear of flying objects! You were more than likely to be hit in the face by any number of them at any given time, and that was before they added several brightly colored pool noodles to the mix. A few people cleverly fended off these inflatable attackers with umbrellas, but most enjoyed playing a large scale version of Keep-It-Up. Ah, pure celebratory chaos! Unfortunately, a few people, caught up in a whirlwind of excitement, thought that they could fly on the inflatables themselves. Not a good idea! I nearly got crushed by one such dreamer who was, I'm sure in his mind, on his way to the moon.

Reptar itself was in great form during this show. They rocked their popular songs with a zesty sort of enthusiasm that got everyone to move their feet. Now, keyboard player Will Kennedy's awesome energy was certainly missed (he's currently gallivanting through countries halfway across the world), but, with the help of a stand-in keyboard player, the band delivered their crazy dance pop tunes to the rabid crowd without a hitch. Oh, wow. Without a doubt, Reptar's was one of the most unforgettable shows of Athfest 2010!

For all of our coverage of Athfest 2010, click here! I'll be blasting you with updates regularly, so be sure to check back often. Also, look out for Athfest concert videos and vlogs, coming soon to!


  1. If I never have to dodge a guy riding a dolphin again, I'll be happy. Still, though. That was a great concert.