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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Athfest 2010: Venice is Sinking is always a treat!

Saturday, June 26th, 2010
(after midnight)
Venice is Sinking

As Athfest's Saturday night festivities wound to an end, I knew it was time to treat myself to two of my long-time favorites. First up was ethereal pop rock band Venice is Sinking. Now, originally, I was unsure of how their sweeter melodies would fit in amongst the hard rock tunes of Gift Horse before them and Dead Confederate after them, but their songs fit just perfectly, holding their own in a marvelous way. Seriously, Venice is Sinking is nothing but purely enchanting every single time! They rocked a whole bunch of their latest songs like the lovely Tugboat and Bardstown Road which can be found on their brand new album Sand and Lines. Oh, and speaking of Sand and Lines... Look out for a CD review from me coming at you just after all of this Athfest coverage ends. Can't wait!

And then, as I was heading back for the night just as I thought all the music-related fun was over, I stumbled across something that totally brought me back to the VIS joy once again. Hidden amidst the foliage on the darkened street that I followed was a sign that read "Pulaski Heights," a name which just happens to be the title of one of the band's older songs that I'm in love with as well. Awesome! I never made the connection before, so it was definitely a super cool find. I love that I'm still just learning and discovering the secrets of this unbelievable town, and I'm so ecstatic that I've got the wonderful tunes of Venice is Sinking to lead me on my way!

For all of our coverage of Athfest 2010, click here! I'll be blasting you with updates regularly, so be sure to check back often. Also, look out for Athfest concert videos and vlogs, coming soon to!

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