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Friday, August 20, 2010

Echoreview: Rye's self-titled debut release

This past March, I had the lucky chance to check out Rye, a band of three guys who certainly stand out among the bands of Athens. These brothers and cousins have brought back the three-part harmony in a big way. With their laid back sound, Rye's music hearkens back to the days of soft tunes and classic rock. And guess what... They're releasing their self-titled debut album today on iTunes! So what's it like?

The first track, Caroline, starts off the record with what these guys do best. Heavy on the harmonies, this song reminds me of some of the early Beatles songs. It's no surprise, then, that Rye lists the band as one of its biggest influences. Cocaine Dreamer continues the old school vibe with a hint of funk rock. I've gotta say, I really liked this one although this tune has seriously got to be the smoothest song ever written with cocaine in the title.

Then Amicalola Falls slows things down a bit with a taste of pop and a reference to one of Georgia's favorite water falls. Really Gone follows this song with a harmonious melody that features a nod to the aformentioned Beatles. And I Fall comes next, adding yet another softer track to join the two before it. This one has a sweet folk feel to it that truly brings a sense of calm to listener.

Fish in the Sea then kicks it up a notch as the most dance-inducing track of the album. Full of upbeat southern rock, this song speaks of freedom and newfound hope. Ah, how refreshing! Heavy strumming marks the beginning of the next tune, Kathryn. Sweet songs about girls certainly pepper this album, lending even more of a classic style to the band's sound. The following song One of These Days was, for me, a sort of lull in the album. However, the final melody, Today, brings the sound back around as the most feeling-intensive track on the record. Fueled by hope, the song's strong rock background drives the listener to the CD's satisfying end. Truly, the band saved the best for last with this one!

All in all, I can definitely say that the members of Rye have made themselves a very nice first album. You can give their tunes a spin for yourself on their website here, and don't miss their next Athens show at Rye Bar (how apropos!) on September 4th. Enjoy!

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