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Monday, August 23, 2010

Have you seen Of Montreal's latest music video? WHAT!?!

Apparently, this is what happens when I leave Athens... UNBELIEVABLE THINGS! Seriously.

You may have already caught a glimpse of this on the web scene, but if not, this is definitely a MUST-SEE. Here, watch the cannibalistic bloodbath that is Of Montreal's latest music video, Coquet Coquette.

Now some of those people look kind of familiar, don't they? Indeed! Intermixed among Kevin Barnes and the other Of Montreal barbarians were some of our favorite zombified wild men and women from Athens' own music scene. The large majority of the recognizable faces, for me, were friends of friends, WUOG-ers, and people I've seen rocking out in the clubs of downtown Athens, but one face really jumped out at me. Whoa, there was William Kennedy of Reptar right there! Pure insanity. Since I appear to be most tragically out of the loop in this case, someone please let me know... How did this magical occurrence, this mixing of established Athens musicians and up-and-coming artists come to be? THIS IS JUST TOO MUCH AWESOMENESS TO HANDLE!

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