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Monday, August 9, 2010

Twists and turns - Fare thee well to Tasty World, the Critical Darlings, and many more

Oh, it's just days away... the smell of fresh new pencils, used textbooks, and nervous young musicians. I'm nearly about to explode with anticipation! But before we ring in a brand new school year, we must take the time to say goodbye to some of the beloved bands and places in Athens that will continue to exist only in or memories.

First up, we have to say a proper final farewell to Tasty World (Uptown). The club that helped jumpstart many a band's musical careers closed its doors for the last time during this year's Athfest celebration. As I've mentioned before, Tasty World will always hold a special place in my heart as it was the venue that first introduced me to the Athens music scene and gave me some of my very favorite music moments here. Oh, the memories! Goodbye, dear Tasty World.

Now which bands will no longer be here to rock our year? Well, Athfest also marked the final local performance of pop scene queen Allison Weiss... for a while, at least. Heading up to New York in the hopes of making it big on the national scale, she plans to return one day to bring her tunes back to the fans that have loved her from the beginning.

Bands Leading Edge and Chris McKay & the Critical Darlings are taking something of a different route. The members of both bands have gone their separate ways (Frank of the Critical Darlings is headed all the way out to Europe!), but fans, there is good news. Word is, singer Chris McKay and Leading Edge singer/keyboardist Matt Daniel will continue to share their own rockin' songs with us here in Athens. I've seen Matt perform solo before, and I'm quite happy to hear that he plans to keep bringing his talents to the scene. As far as Chris McKay and the Critical Darlings goes, I cannot express my gratitude enough for the part they played in sparking my interest in Athens music and inspiring me to start this blog. The band will most certainly be missed. If I know Chris, though, he won't leave us without a taste of his creativity for long. I'm eager to see what he'll do next!

And while we're bidding farewell, I must take this opportunity to say a few words in honor of my late laptop. Oh laptop, how many blogs were typed with the aide of your keys! How you shined in your picture for the EoA Red and Black article! Dear laptop, Echoreyn of Athens could never have existed without you. You will always be loved.

Enough with the goodbyes! In happier news, less than two weeks ago workers began pouring concrete for the rebirth of the Georgia Theatre. Last year's tragic fire marked the end of the last incarnation of the theatre, but the citizens of Athens pulled together to bring it back once more. Look out for the Georgia Theatre's triumphant return in spring of 2011!

1 comment:

  1. Thank you. I really appreciate your words and I'm sure Frank will, too. As for me, you're right. I'm not going anywhere anytime soon. I am using the time to refocus and get back in touch with me. When the band returns (whether or not we keep the name), it will be MORE musical. It will be more melodic. It will be heavier. It will be more experimental AND more pop. Basically, it will have to be more on the music side. The chemistry that Frank and I have (and will always have) will be missed more by me than anyone, I think. But the music we wrote together will still be on stage with me.

    As will some of his pants and shirts, which have been passed on to me!