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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Homecoming with LUDACRIS and the Beat Geeks!

UGA, let me hear you say, "LUDACRIS!" How lucky are we!?! As students this year, we had the
incredible opportunity to see one of the biggest rappers on the planet rock our homecoming show... What a night!

As the gates of Legion Field opened at 7, we were greeted by some popular djayed tunes that set mood for the awesomeness to come. Then, just after 8, blog favorites the Beat Geeks appeared. Now it's hard being the opening band for someone as highly anticipated as Ludacris, but these guys totally owned the stage! You'd think they performed for thousands of people on a daily basis, no problem. And the audience ate it up! When lead singer Luke moved his arms to the beat, the crowd moved as one with him enthusiastically. Through a downpour of rain, they rocked their newest hits as well as a few
covers including their always fun take on the popular internet sensation Bed Intruder. They even got the audience involved as they gave us their first single, Sweat (Lose Control). For a band that's new to the scene, it's nearly unbelievable that so many people in the crowd responded to their tunes with such glee. Impressive indeed!

Of course, in a crowd this large, there are always going to be those obnoxious kids that are determined to annoy everyone else around them. My suggestion for dealing with people like this is a conveniently "accidental" jab in the ribs whenever they start to spout out irritating nonsense or start pushing people to cause a riot. Not that I ever did that... Right? :P

Following the Beat Geeks, the house DJ returned to spin us some tunes as we waited for our main man, Luda. South Carolina's J. Skeezy also entertained us in the interim with more hip hop beats and lyrics, though it was kind of hard to tell when his set began since there was no real intro to their set.

Not much later, the crowd was buzzing with anticipation. Calls for Ludacris rang out from every corner of the field. As the lights on the stage grew dim, cheers rose from the fans and heightened as the man himself materialized before us. Now, I've gotta say, Ludacris knows who to treat his fans right! After our long wait, he gave us hit after popular hit. Oh, "Youza a Ho," how you remind me of the old days! And unlike performers of homecomings past, Luda didn't skimp on the songs. He sang his way through the hour long set and beyond, giving us tastes of everything from his very first chart topper to his most recent tunes. My favorite part just had to be the dance he and his friend did as they sang "My Chick Bad." Totally awesome! People were going wild the whole time, and when he asked us to light up the night with lighters and cell phones, thousands of fans obliged, creating a twinkling world of wonder before the stage. No doubt about it, there's never been a better school-sponsored concert at UGA. This was definitely a show to be remembered!

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