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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Rye, Doctor Squid, & the Skipperdees: Friends Old and New

Sometimes, after a slew of brand new bands, it's nice to take a step back into familiar territory, and see some rockers you know you love. Wednesday night, I had the lovely chance to catch Rye again for the first time since I checked out their latest album. Now, Rye this time around was missing two of the three band members, so it was quite a different experience than ever before. Even so, I've gotta say I enjoyed David Fallis's solo take on their southern soft rock songs. And, of course, any musician who mixes it up with covers of I Heard It Through the Grapevine and the original Toy Story's Strange Things is awesome in my book! Who doesn't dig a taste of Disney with their rock?

Next up were Tennessee natives the Skipperdees. Playing their first Athens show ever, they filled the room with soft, twangy tunes born from a mixture of voice, guitar, and banjo. The members themselves, though, were quite a surprise. It's a rare thing in Athens to find a true all-girl band, but twins Catherine and Emily Backus certainly made it work.

Then it was time for the final act of the night... Doctor Squid! It's been so long since I've seen most of my original top five bands, so this had me totally excited. After Nuci's Space came to the rescue during a bit of an issue with a dead bass, they rocked all of my favorite tunes, just like old times. Their fun pop sound had my newbie pals dancing all over the place. Ah, good times! They also debuted quite a slew of new songs, all with their unique Doctor Squid style. Sounds good! I especially loved their second-to-last brand new tune. That one was made for dancing! And then, of course, they ended the night on the highest of high notes with their hit On My Way. I will never get sick of that song! What a Wednesday!

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