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Friday, October 15, 2010

Stars in the Making: Interview with the Beat Geeks

Ever wonder what it's like to rock your tunes in front of a crowd of over 4000 people for the first time? Dying to know how it feels to open for a massively famous act like Ludacris? I was certainly curious, and I thought you might be too, so I asked the Beat Geeks to tell me a bit about their amazing homecoming concert experience! Here's what they said...

Echoreyn of Athens: So, how was it?

K Dex: The show was simply amazing.

Luke: It was an incredible experience!

Bobby: The show was REDIC!!!..Uber fun!!! UGA is where the party's at!

Echoreyn of Athens: What was the coolest part of the whole experience?

Bobby: The coolest part was seeing the crowd rocking with us...we appreciate the love, Geekers!

Luke: Seeing a sea of people jump up and down in unison is a gorgeous sight indeed.

K Dex: The coolest part was being so close to the legendary Ludacris as he took the crowd through ten years his ground breaking hits!

Echoreyn of Athens: I know I'd be terrified to perform in front of so many people. Were you all nervous?

K Dex: I was nervous until my foot hit the stage. All butterflies had to exit stage left.

Luke: You can ask the others, I was a wreck before the show. But once I stepped on stage, the butterflies went away instantly and adrenaline kicked in!

Bobby: Strangely...not really. I was just ready to JAM!

Echoreyn of Athens: I noticed you guys standing just offstage after your set. What was it like being just feet away from Ludacris as he performed?

Bobby: It was amazing!...Luda was great!...He took me back with those throwback jams....Felt like I was in high school again.

K Dex: It was unreal being so close to such a talented artist!

Luke: Bomb-bommy-bommy-bomb. I kept trying to get him to look over at me acting a fool side stage, and succeeded, several times.

Echoreyn of Athens: Wow, that must have been awesome! So, what does the future hold for the Beat Geeks?

Bobby: We just hope to continue to reach more people. Rock out more shows... and get everyone cruising the Geek wave!

K Dex: I hope we go to even bigger crowds and gain even more Geekers!

Luke: Ditto. Entertaining the world.

Echoreyn of Athens: Sounds awesome! Now, is there anything you'd like to tell your fans, those who've been with you guys since the beginning and those who just discovered you?

Bobby: I want to thank each and every one of our fans!...You all make this journey worth walking, ya dig?...We luv u all...and can't wait to *FICKET FICKET* GET DOWN with u all again! NOW THAT'S WHAT'S POPULAR!!!!

K Dex: Thanks for all the support. Thanks for rocking with us in and through the rain!

Luke: No dream is too big to reach. Trust in yourself, trust in God, trust in your team, and love people. Thanks everyone for blessing us with this experience!

Echoreyn of Athens: Well, thank you guys for letting us in on the Beat Geek experience! I've gotta say, the whole show completely blew me away!

When's your next chance to see the Beat Geeks in action? You can check them out at Bad Manor in Athens next Thursday, October 21 for Power 100.1's BFD party. Click here for tickets and more info! Have a great weekend, my friends!

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