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Friday, October 8, 2010

No Need For A Thousand Words...

What's the best way to balance out the two extremely wordy posts below this one? Pictures, of course! Tons of pictures from all of the unbelievable bands that rocked our September will be up on the Echoreyn of Athens facebook page this afternoon, so be sure to check them out! But to tide us over until then, enjoy a visual feast of some of my favorites from the Athens band, Tealvox, Misfortune500, the Orkids, and the Beat Geeks!

Chase from the Athens band

Beau "Monkey" of the Athens band with a giant inflatable monkey



Misfortune500 (Photo credit: Page Walker)

Chisolm of Misfortune500 (Photo credit: Page Walker)

The Orkids (Photo credit: Page Walker)

Hanging with the Beat Geeks at their first show (Photo credit: Meghan McBain)

Loved these? Don't forget to visit our facebook page for many more!

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