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Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Coming!

This. Week. Is. Going. To. Be... AWESOME! I'm serious, you guys. Prepare for an insane week of exciting events!

You may have already heard the biggest news on this list, but just in case you haven't, let me share with you what's got me super excited for this Wednesday evening. Remember the Beat Geeks, those electro-pop rappers whose professional sound had the Caledonia's crowd dancing their shoes off during their debut show in September? Well, faster than can be believed, these guys are on their way to the big time. Next week, on the 21st, they're rocking the stage at Bad Manor for radio station Power 100.1's birthday bash, but that's not all...

This week, on Wednesday at Legion Field on the UGA campus, the BEAT GEEKS will be bringing the party to a crowd of 4000 people during the sold out homecoming show in which they open for (wait for it).... LUDACRIS! That's right, our newest blog favorites are opening for one of the most famous Atlanta rappers on the scene! How amazing is this!?! If you've got a ticket, you've just got to get there early to catch these guys. Doors are at 7 PM. Tell your friends! And if you won't be at this show, don't miss the Geeks at Bad Manor. You know you want to see them before they blow up all over the world! For more info on next week's show, click here!

Now what else is exciting? Well, singer Alex McKelvey's alter ego Mud Scholar will be debuting his amusingly offensive tunes at Amici's Italian Cafe this Friday at 11 PM. Remember his album, A Must for the Dick, that we reviewed at the beginning of the month? Yup, that one! With Athens' favorite drummer Blaze Bateh (Bambara, A Jetpack Operation) providing the beats, this is sure to be a show to see. And, knowing these guys, it will prove to be an all-encompassing experience of imitation douchebaggery and general hilarity as well. Don't miss this free show!

And lastly, I've got to give a little shout out to something I've been involved with outside of the music scene lately: Project Condom. Shocking! What is this, you might ask? Well, it's a school-sponsored fashion show that promotes healthy sexual behaviors in a rather unique way. As one of the designers for the show, I had the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind dress made nearly entirely out of, you guessed it, condoms! You can check out all of the designers' whimsical creations for yourself on the runway this Tuesday at 7 PM in the Memorial Hall Ballroom on the UGA campus. Best of all, they're giving out free stuff too! I'll be modeling my own dress design during the show, and I'd absolutely love it if you all came to cheer me on.

For even more happenin' shows, check out this month's freshly updated concert picks list right here. Hope to see you all around town making the most of this unbelievable week!

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