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Friday, December 30, 2011

Bidding farewell to 2011... Here comes 2012!

2012 is upon us, my friends!

But before we welcome in the start of a new year, let's look back on our 2011.  Between all of the breakups, awesome shows, departing bands, and festival opportunities, this has been quite an eventful year in the scene!  Indeed, I'd say it's the perfect time to break it all down in another year end review...

Echoreyn of Athens: 2011

January 2011: We first experienced the awesome sound of Sam Sniper at a backyard party on one of the coldest days of the year.

April 2011: Rocking out with six bands in one night... Hey, it's just another night on the scene!

May 2011: People putting their lives on the line to party like animals?  At a Reptar show, you'd expect nothing less. These guys are hitting the big time!

May 2011: Echoreyn of Athens featured its first music video week!

June 2011: We caught tons of bands including Marcy Playground of Sex and Candy fame at Summer Side Show in Columbus, Ga!

June 2011: Yet again, Echoreyn of Athens goes wild at Athfest, capturing every insane moment and every unbelievable event!

September 2011: Of Montreal gives us a feast for our senses!

September 2011: Echoreyn of Athens miraculously nabs tickets to the rebirth of Music Midtown in Atlanta.  This year's festival featured the Constellations, the Joy Formidable, the Black Keys, Cage the Elephant, and Coldplay!

October 2011: We teamed up with Athens Music Junkie to seize the airwaves for a few hours at UGA's student-run radio station WUOG!

October 2011: Hitching a ride with the ever-awesome Misfortune500, Echoreyn of Athens gets a taste of the CMJ festival in New York!

December 2011: Hey, we can't forget the fourth annual Squidmas!

Also, don't miss our end of the year video wrap up above featuring live footage from tons of bands including never before seen shots of Coldplay at Music Midtown!

Wow, what a year 2011 has been! We bid our final adieu to one of Athens' most iconic bands, R.E.M., and waved goodbye to many others like blog favorite Bambara as they journeyed to their new homes outside of our town.  Indeed, I'd say that 2012 is ripe for the taking.  I hope you're listening, new bands and budding musicians!  Need some inspiration?  Well, this year saw Reptar blowing up the scene as well.  Maybe, if you're lucky, some of their magic will rub off on you too!

So what can we look forward to for Echoreyn of Athens in 2012?  Well, we're actually planning to bring the blog back to its intensely excited roots. This means we'll be dropping our structured publishing format in favor of returning to a more laid back form where we'll blog when we feel exceptionally passionate about something we've seen or heard.  If it's an unforgettable experience, you can bet you'll be reading about it here.  What about the monthly show picks?  Well, of course we'll keep that up!  We've got the details on all of the shows you won't want to miss this year.  And will we cover Athfest again?  Hey, you know there's no way we'd pass that up!  When June 2012 rolls around, we'll be your one-stop guide to Athfest before and after the massive festival just like last year.  We're simply keeping things fresh here and attempting to complete a few novels too in our off hours.  So don't hesitate to continue coming to visit us every once in a while.  We'll be here with all the most exciting details of the scene you know and love!

Enough looking back and thinking ahead...  Let's celebrate the here and now!  It's almost New Year's Eve, and that means it's time to party!  Not sure where to go?  We've got you covered!

Dying to jump right into the madness?  Then you can catch Reptar going wild on the Georgia Theatre stage! Is harder rock more your speed?  40 Watt will play host to the Whigs for the night as well!  But maybe you want to see the next generation of rockers before they hit it big.  Well, then Hendershots is the place to be when the Athens band and Tealvox ring in the new year! Aching for a bit of Of-Montreal-flavored excitement?  While the whole band isn't playing this year, you can party with the members of the band as Kevin Barnes DJs a dance set and Yip Deceiver and the Gold Party rock it out for the 21+ crowd at Go Bar! Or perhaps dancing through a cascade of money sounds like the perfect way to start 2012.  If that's the case, DJRX's set at Bad Manor will be your show of choice!

Whatever you choose to do, I hope you all have an incredible New Year's Eve.  Catch you in 2012, my friends!  

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