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Monday, January 10, 2011

Surviving the cold with Androcles and the Lion, Sam Sniper, and Nate Nelson

Saturday night found me traversing through the icy cold air once more, excitement for the tunes keeping my fingers from freezing off. I feel like hypothermia is the order of the day when it comes to bands this season. But hey, you can't miss a chance to see a potentially awesome band just because there are icicles forming on the tips of your hair.

Now, I rarely write about the shows that I see outside of downtown, but the tunes owned Saturday night, and ignoring the highlights would simply be a crime! Androcles and the Lion was the first band that thawed out my ears a bit and caught my notice. Giving us a taste of soft, dark, and melancholy rock, their melodies pierced through the chill and and curled into the ears of those basking in the heat of the roaring fire a short ways away.

The next band ready to combat the cold was local music project Sam Sniper, a group that shares members with folk rockers Yo Soybean. Now I'll admit, as I'm not generally much of a country fan, I probably wouldn't have gone to see them otherwise, but I never pass up an opportunity to check out the side projects of the bands I like. It's one of the best ways to make new discoveries, after all! And, lucky for me, these guys were good. Sam Sniper surpassed all of my expectations by launching into a set full of country love songs fused with the most awesomely intense, hardcore rock. I know that sounds a bit insane, but their tunes were seriously tons of fun to experience and the crowd was definitely on my side. Everyone around me was dancing wildly, very nearly forgetting their frozen limbs in the excitement. I'd even hazard to say that it may have actually been worth freezing my feet so much that I still can't feel them two days later. Good stuff.

Then it was off to Farm 255 to finish the night. As my friend and I stepped into warmth, we caught the last few sweet bars of Nate Nelson's set. It was quite a fine ending to an extremely chilled evening.

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