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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

The 40 What?

Have you ever found yourself wondering about that new music venue in town? How big is the stage? What are the acoustics like? Is it really as clean as their website says it is? Well, introducing the newest semi-regular blog series for Echoreyn of Athens: honest, unbiased articles about what all of the music venues around Athens are really like! Now you'll know if you can (legally) bring your underage pals to your new favorite band's next show. Now even the most inexperienced Athens newcomers will have a reference guide of sorts for all of the places to be (and places to avoid) in this little town!

See, after struggling to find one site that gives a complete account of all of the things I need to know when I'm researching a stage that's playing host to one of my favorites each weekend, I finally threw up my hands in surrender. Hey, if I can't find a site that'll tell me what I need to know, I'll just make one myself! After all, I see quite a few venues as I traverse my way across town in search of new treats for my ears. Why not share my knowledge? Feel free, of course, to chip in with your own experiences in these places, too, as I document my findings! The more info, the better!

Oh, and just so you'll have a link to all of the venues handy, I've added a new blog page too, Echoreyn of Athens: Music Venues. It's empty right now, but every time I add a new venue blog, it will show up on that page as part of an easily accessible guide. Hope this page truly becomes a one-stop guide for all of your venue-related queries!

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