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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Athfest 2009: Summing it all up! (until Athfest 2010)

Echoreyn of Athens attends Athfest!

And then, Athfest was over. I've never been to a bigger, more exciting music festival in my life, and I certainly hope that this was the first of many! Wow, to think that in four days I really saw 33 new bands in action fills me with awe. How is that even possible? Well, all I know is that I'm definitely going back again next year!

Now, before I say goodbye and take a weeklong blog-cation, there are a few things I'd like to announce. Don't leave yet! First, I finally caved and got a Twitter account. Yeah, I know what you might think. But see, I've found that it's actually quite useful from a music standpoint since I have access to tons of up-to-the-minute stats on many of my favorite bands and venues on Twitter. So, for links to all of my latest blogs, music-related tidbits, show info, and who knows what else, feel free to follow me: @Echoreyn!

Also, remember to check out the Echoreyn of Athens YouTube channel for tons of concert videos from Athfest 2009, Summerfest 2009, and many more. Oh, and I just posted a new vlog on there that I filmed while in Athens during Athfest. It's filled with concert pictures and footage as well as my reactions to all of the sights and, most importantly, sounds of the festival. You can see it right at the top of this blog!

Finally, I just created an Echoreyn of Athens Photobucket account, so that I could share all of my Athfest pictures with you. I'll be updating it throughout the day, so keep checking back for more. In the future, I plan to post pictures from the other shows I attend as well since I never leave the house without my trusty old digital camera!

And I'll leave you today with a little something for the record books (or my record books, at least).

Echoreyn of Athens' Athfest and coverage by the numbers
  • 34 bands seen in concert (total)
  • 20 blogs
  • 15 concert videos
  • (At least) 9 new bands I'm dying to see again... What are yours?
  • 3 well-worn wristbands
  • 1 Athfest vlog
  • A lifetime of memories (How corny can I get?)
Wow, those numbers are almost ridiculous! Clearly, Athfest 2009 was the stuff of legend. I seriously can't wait for Athfest 2010!

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