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Friday, July 3, 2009

Athfest 2009: Marriage and Wilx rock it out

Wilx brings the rock

Friday, June 26th 2009

Marriage & Wilx

After we left Excali Brah's rave party, my friends and I walked in on Marriage, a hard rock band. They had already begun their set and were jamming with quite a bit of energy. While their vocals tended to morph into yelling at times, they got their whole audience excited by having everyone help keep the beat during one of their songs. I'm glad I got to catch at least a bit of their show!

Then we all headed over to the Green Room, a venue not even my most hardcore downtown guru/friend had heard of. After traipsing across town, we finally found the outdoor stage we were seeking. Not too much later, Wilx started playing their own brand of awesome rock. Now I've seen a lot of excited fans before (actually, usually I am one of the excited fans everyone is staring at), but truly every band's biggest fan should bow down to Wilx's listeners. They beat everyone in the enthusiasm arena. I suppose it helped that a few were a bit drunk as well, but between the crowd's exuberant dancing and their penchant for throwing things in their extreme joy, I was completely amused and quite energized (and ok, slightly afraid too). Then the band topped off their set with a totally amazing rock cover of Michael Jackson's Billie Jean which brought the whole audience to their feet. I still can't keep from smiling when I think about it. Wow, what a time!

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