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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Athfest 2009: Rockin' the night away

Love Tractor keeps it interesting

Saturday, June 27th 2009
Flash to Bang Time & Love Tractor

By nightfall, the sweet melodies of Saturday afternoon had morphed into the hard edge of alternative rock. The Melting Point, our next destination, was conveniently just a few steps away from the Green Room, so we leisurely made our way to the venue right after Rachel O'Neal finished her set. I'd never been to the Melting Point before so entering the dark and fancy-looking three-story restaurant was a bit of a surprise. It was definitely not the standard Athens dive bar. Far from it. As we walked in, the female and male vocalists of Flash to Bang Time were already rocking out for the audience as the rest of their band members jammed alternatively between soft and loud tones. Their new wave, indie sound inspired a bouncy atmosphere that everyone seemed to enjoy. After my friends and I had stood in the corner awkwardly for a song or two, my pal Jordan and her friends caught sight of us in the darkness and invited us to sit with them at their table. The view of the stage was much better from that vantage point, and we also got tipped off to the fact that there were, perhaps, a couple of REM members in the building as well. Athens royalty, indeed! A quick glance around the room confirmed this fact. How very cool!

Flash to Bang Time was followed by rather well-known Athens band, Love Tractor. Very few of the original members actually remain in the band, so their live sound, whatever it might have been in the past, is no longer what longtime fans of the band will remember. However, several of the fans that were there didn't seem to mind this. About halfway into the first song, they cleared away a table or so and began to dance joyously to the band's pop rock tunes. What truly caught my eye, though, were the seemingly random pictures, some shockingly graphic, that flashed on a giant screen beside the band as they performed. As someone not too familiar with their past performances, I've got to wonder: do they always do this at shows? Either way, it definitely stood out. What a way to ensure the audience's constant interest!

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