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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Athfest 2009: Like an Oscars after party!

Wristbands and x's

Thursday, June 25th 2009
Awards Show After Party

An after party... I got to attend an after party! Ok, so it may not seem like that big of a deal, but I've always wondered what one was like, and the Flagpole Athens Music Awards show after party certainly quenched my thirst for excitement! Like a large majority of the people at the awards show, we wandered down the small stretch of street between the Morton Theatre and the 40 Watt after the show and surrendered the ripped half of our tickets for a chance to party with all of the young Athens celebrities. And I'm not joking when I say we got to party with celebrities. There were so many local stars there that my inner fangirl squealed with delight several times throughout the night. In fact, just as we were showing our IDs to the doorman, I noticed that Karolyn and Lucas from Venice is Sinking were right in front of us, and seconds later, Karolyn waved to me. Then Jay from the Modern Skirts stepped between my friend and I with a smile to flash his ID as well.

Once inside, we were practically surrounded by personalities from the music scene. While we danced to DJ Mahogany's spontaneously mixed tribute to Michael Jackson, singer Allison Weiss spun by followed by several of the members of the Modern Skirts. Turning around, I saw Claire from Hope for Agoldensummer bobbing her head to the music, and just behind her, I think I caught a glimpse of Melissa from the band Creepy. Wow! My head was practically spinning, and the excitement in the room was tangible. As my friend Sheila said, it was "like an Oscars after party" except the people at the 40 Watt were the local talents that I truly care about and admire.

Once midnight hit, Immuzikation started their dance-worthy tribute to Daft Punk, and the club went wild. I've got to give props to all of the DJs that spun their records that night. It was seriously one of the most fun dance parties I've attended. Too soon, though, it was time to go and get some sleep. After all, we had to be ready to rock out with Friday's awesome lineup of bands!

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