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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ode to Mud Scholar, a lyricist among men

Oh Mud Scholar. How I shall miss thee! What will Athens be like without our resident douchebag pop lyricist?

Alex McKelvey's Mud Scholar sang his way through his final Athens show last night at the Caledonia with buddies Chase Lance (drummer Blaze Bateh) and Neugie (basist Braden Neugebaur) by his side. He and Blaze set the scene with a hilariously pretentious hair combing act that they continued between songs throughout the set. As is the case for all farewell shows, our last taste of Mud Scholar was much too short, but in that time, he managed to expel humorous elitism and douchebaggery upon all those in attendance. By those counts, the show was undoubtably a success. The cheers that broke the necessary nonchalance of the crowd were true evidence of that. Alex McKelvey's musical stylings will certainly be sorely missed!

After Mud Scholar's set, the night gave us one more gem for the ears in the form of Atlanta band Modern Paranoia. Apparently they've been getting quite a bit of buzz around those parts lately, and I can see why. Starting off their set with a familiar trumpet homage, they filled the stage with colored lights and sounds. Then they launched into a set of tunes characterized by bouncy yet hard rock with electronic elements. Very nice! It was definitely quite a memorable night of farewells and new discoveries.

And I must say au revoir once more, Mud Scholar! I will forever love your brutal honesty and your way with words!

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