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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

'Twas an Unbelievable Week

There's nothing like a three night explosion of tunes from a bunch of your favorite bands! I've been sleeping off the excitement for days now. Since I've already written loads on Dead Confederate, Bambara, Doctor Squid, and the Athens band, I thought I'd share some of my favorite video footage from their past shows with you instead.

Up first, we've got this lovely video of Dead Confederate performing their single, the Rat, at Athfest 2009.

Check out Bambara giving us a sexy taste of one of their hit tunes, Shake.

Everyone in the crowd sings along to Doctor Squid's massive favorite, On My Way!

And finally, here's the Athens band rocking a cover of Van Halen's And the Cradle Will Rock at Athfest 2010!

As always, you can check out the Echoreyn of Athens YouTube channel for more videos like these. Here's hoping the scene's got more weeks like this one in store for us soon!

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