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Friday, January 7, 2011

Powerkompany lights the way

Last night, I felt like a butterfly emerging from a soundless cocoon. My ears yearned for live music, having been starved for tunes since early December. Tragic, I must say. Through downtown, my friend and I passed street after silent street until, finally, we reached the comforting warmth of Farm 255. Now, my pals, there's no doubt about it! The Farm was the place to be on this fine Thursday night. Crowds of people packed the room, eager for some awesome tunes. As it was Karolyn Troupe of Venice is Sinking's birthday party as well, friends and fans alike were there in full celebration mode, sipping free champagne and munching on what could quite possibly be the most delicious fruit-filled cake known to man. I truly hope she thoroughly enjoyed the night. I know I did!

The entertainment for the night, Karolyn and her husband Andrew Keaton from Packway Handle Band sang and played their way into our hearts with their latest musical creation, Powerkompany. At times even more ethereal than masters of the art, Venice is Sinking, this brand new band gave us powerful yet sweet melodies woven together with the dark, heavy, and sometimes even discordant strumming on the violin and guitar. Drum beats also lent an exciting rhythm to many of the songs. My friend Amina described their style wonderfully, calling it a mix between a serenade and a Lord of the Rings type elven song. Then, as they edged their way towards their final note, they sang an intense melody, eerie yet beautiful, that moved and grew to a wildly satisfying end. I honestly don't think I've ever heard anything so badass! That song was... just brilliant! I'd say Powerkompany is definitely off to an auspicious start.

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