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Monday, January 17, 2011

Zelda: The Musical... Because EVERYONE should see this!

Ok, you've got me. Zelda: the Musical isn't technically a band. But any discussion of this week in Athens music would be incomplete without a mention of this ridiculously awesome musical adventure! Based on the popular game from the late 90s, the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time, and written, composed, and directed by UGA student Grant Parker, I can see this becoming one of those pop culture favorites that the entire nation is obsessing over by the end of the year. Watch out, A Very Potter Musical. Athens' own Zelda is quite the show!

Now I suppose at this juncture I should admit that I was one of those sad kids who missed out on a significant portion of childhood, never having had the chance to play the game. However, Zelda was rife with hilarity that appealed to the whole crowd, rabid costumed fans and newbies alike. Pop culture references that spanned decades of nerd-dom filled this musical, and the entire show was expertly arranged right down to the makeup that the characters wore. And, if numbers are any indication of a show's spectacularity, the balcony theatre was overflowing with people and hundreds of eager fans were turned away both nights due to capacity issues. Wow!

So, how about the music? Well, the live band that played onstage throughout the production was just genius! Providing everything from a modern soundtrack to the short melody played on the Ocarina of Time, they really made the show. And while not all of the characters had the greatest singing chops, the songs sung by the ensemble cast were incredibly moving and impressive as well as hilarious. My favorite song of the night was the dark and villainous tune Ruto which was accompanied by a visually immersive dance number filled with depth and creatively festooned creatures. But, hands down, the greatest voice in the production belonged Zelda's bodyguard Impa, portrayed by Kaitlyn Wren. Her solo simply blew me away!

At this point, it would be rather tragic if I had to report that all those who missed last weekend's shows wouldn't have a chance to see Zelda and Link and the whole gang (especially the Great Fairy) for themselves, but I've got some awesome news! The cast and crew is tirelessly working to set up at least one more showing of this unbelievable musical next weekend. Go and see it! I can promise that you will sorely regret it if you miss this. I'll be sure to give you all more info about their upcoming shows as soon as I hear it!

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